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About Us

It's simple and Family friendly

  • Use plates you already own
  • No more plastic divider plates to store, or extra bowls to wash
  • Use as an 'edge' to push food onto a utensil, without fingers
  • Take it anywhere you go to eat
  • BPA free, food-grade silicone
  • Prefers handwashing, but dishwasher safe to 300 degrees
  • Use two back-to-back to create 4 food areas!
  • Uses for all ages, including as portion control plates fitting 1/2 cup of food!
"To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk." -

Thomas Edison

After the prototypes of 'dream machines,' 'stuffie carriers,' homemade games, airplane models and other inventions started to build up in the corners of Ruby's room, Ruby's parents figured they would empower her constant stream of ideas by showing her how one of her creations --

molded, taped, stapled together or otherwise -- could become an actual product. The good folks at Evocativo helped make her idea a reality!

The Food Cubby is Ruby's first design on the market, but certainly not her last!

Make mealtime easier

No more storing plastic section plates, washing extra bowls, or having food run together....Stop the "yuck!" and put a smile on the plate.

Just stick a FOOD CUBBY (TM) plate divider onto your clean, flat plate -- it suctions to create a wall to keep "runny" food separate from other foods.

It also provides an "edge" to push food onto utensils without using fingers, or if you're only able to use one hand to eat.


  • Works on a clean, smooth plate with 6-10" flat diameter
  • Is FDA-approved, food-grade silicone. Silicone is BPA-free and doesn't support the growth of bacteria.
  • Prefers handwashing, but is dishwasher safe to 300 degrees
  • Fits about 1/2 cup of food inside its walls - good for portion control!

To use:

  • Rinse off with soapy water to remove any residue before using
  • Press uniformly on both sides of the Food Cubby to get a good seal
  • You'll get an even better suction when it's a little wet
  • Use the tabs on the front ends to peel it off when mealtime is over

We have recently relaunched and will be fulfilling orders from our website and

AMAZON, and will soon be soliciting retail agreements. In the meantime, feel free

to ask your favorite kids' retailer to carry the Food Cubby! We are open to retail,

email us for more info and questions.